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Failure to yield motorcycle accidents can kill riders in Georgia

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2019 | motorcycle accidents

The Georgia roads can be dangerous for automobile drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. With the litany of distractions on top of the other dangers like recklessness, driving under the influence and negligence, the risks are compounded in the current environment. For motorcyclists, these are enhanced because of the lack of protection they are accorded even if they are wearing a helmet and other safety-based clothing. With motorcycle accidents and the accompanying injuries and fatalities, it is helpful to have legal advice to determine the next step.

A collision between a vehicle and a motorcycle led to the rider’s death. The accident happened in the evening. According to the investigation, the 33-year-old female driver of the car was heading west on the road. The motorcyclist, a 24-year-old male, was heading east. The vehicles collided. The car driver admitted that she was turning left when the crash happened. The rider, who was wearing a helmet, was catastrophically injured and died at the site of the crash. Officers do not think impairment was an issue. The case is still being assessed and charges are possible.

One of the biggest dangers to riders is if the driver of a passenger vehicle is not keeping an eye out for them and fails to adhere to the laws. A common violation is failure to yield. Everyone on the road must remember basic safety. When making a turn, ensuring that there are no oncoming vehicles – especially motorcycles – is crucial. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to adhere to this requirement and motorcycle accidents will happen. Riders can suffer brain trauma, broken bones, spinal cord damage and even be so severely injured that they lose their lives. Medical costs can be exorbitant if treatment is required. Wages can be lost. If there is a fatality, the family left behind must consider how they will move forward. A legal filing is often the main strategy to receive sufficient compensation.

A motorcyclist will understand the risks inherent with riding, but that does not mean they are prepared for the negligent behavior of driver who do not give them the right of way. In this accident, a rider lost his life when a driver turned into his path. Although the case is still being investigated, his family should make sure they are protected by discussing a possible case with a law firm that specializes in motorcycle accidents.