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Question From Lead Car Driver In Three Car Accident

by | Oct 31, 2015 | Firm News

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Q: I was in a 3 car collision. I was the lead car of 3.: The last car pushed the second car into my vehicle. I and the second car was already sitting still waiting on another accident to clear. The last car was the only one to receive a violation. As far as responsibility I am guessing it all falls on last car who caused the accident. Including the pain and suffering?

A: Stefanie’s answer: Sorry to hear you were involved in an accident. While receiving a citation is an indication of liability, it is not the only factor to consider. However based upon what you described it sounds like the third car would be mostly at fault. I say mostly just in case the middle car did something wrong, like being too close to you or didn’t have proper brake lights for example. Often insurance falls short or someone could be uninsured, and there will likely be claims by you as well as the middle car. You both may have claims for bodily injury as well as property damage. I would recommend contacting an injury attorney as soon as possible. I would also recommend doing so prior to speaking with the insurance company. Hope this helps, and good luck!