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Wrongful Death

Wrongful death occurs when a person acts negligently or without exercising due care, thereby causing an accident which results in the death of another motorist, passenger or another individual. Driving on our roads can be inherently dangerous, and no matter how carefully you drive, another person’s negligent act may cause an unavoidable accident at any time.

We Are Here To Help

We also understand that the family of a wrongful death victim has suffered the ultimate loss. While no amount of money will change what has occurred, we will fight for what is right and seek compensation to pay bills, which will help provide the financial stability a family needs to mend themselves and move forward. Of all the motorists on the road, motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable, as are drivers who collide with a semi or large commercial truck or tractor-trailer. Even so, any motorist at any time can fall victim to wrongful death, no matter the types of vehicles involved. If this has happened to your loved one, we are here to help you and your family during this difficult time. 

Types Of Wrongful Death

In Georgia, there are different types of claims that can be made for wrongful death, including a claim on behalf of the victim and the victim’s estate. When it comes to making an actual claim for wrongful death, this claim is usually made by a spouse or a relative. There is a certain hierarchy for who is allowed to make these claims, and who does so will depend on whether the victim had a spouse, children or other relatives. The law treats this claim as being for what is considered the value of life. In determining the value of life, a jury or attorney would look at loss of life, future earning capacity, age and other factors. Secondly, a claim can be made by the estate of the victim. This is where medical expenses, funeral expenses and other claims of this nature can be made.

The type of claims made in each instance depend on the circumstances surrounding the accident and many other factors. An experienced injury attorney who practices heavily in the area of wrongful death should be contacted to assist you so that they may give you guidance and ensure that all available avenues and cases are pursued against the negligent driver and their insurance company.

Preserving Your Rights In A Wrongful Death Claim

Always keep in mind that when dealing with any case involving injury, talking with an insurance company yourself or attempting to handle your own case may result in less compensation or even no compensation. It is also important not to give recorded statements or sign any documents without first speaking with an attorney. All injury cases, including wrongful death, also have a statute of limitations. If a claim isn’t made within a certain period of time, you may be barred from ever making a claim. The best way to avoid harming your case or compromising your right to recover is to contact an experienced injury attorney with many years of experience representing families of wrongful death victims.

Stefanie Drake Burford is a personal injury attorney with heavy experience in wrongful death cases, and she serves clients all over Georgia. She is here to help you and your family during this difficult time. Please call today or reach us by email. We will also come to you and are available to meet at various locations in Georgia.