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Suffering From A Motorcycle Accident?

When you are riding a motorcycle on the busy streets and highways of your community, there is an inherent danger that comes with it. Other commuters may not be as vigilant and miss your presence or they may not keep a safe distance. Overall, the need for defense against aggressive and reckless driving as you ride a motorcycle is paramount.
Should the worst happen, you will find being involved in a motorcycle accident is a vastly different experience than being involved in an auto accident. There are no fender benders in a motorcycle accident; they often result in serious — sometimes even life-threatening — situations, such as a traumatic brain injury.

In the end, medical bills can pile up, and as you recover, you may miss work and find yourself in financial trouble. Having the assistance of a lawyer will help you get the compensation you need and deserve should you suffer a motorcycle accident.

Committed To Georgia Bikers

At The Stefanie Drake Burford Law Group, we understand and sympathize with motorcycle riders. Our primary attorney, Stefanie Drake Burford, is a motorcyclist herself and has been proudly serving the motorcycle community since 1999. She is ready to represent you if you have suffered a motorcycle injury, and her empathy and expertise in this area will give you the best chance for success.

Indeed, we will handle your case in a personal and professional manner. At The Stefanie Drake Burford Law Group, we care about our clients. When we represent you, we will be as aggressive as necessary and advocate for you in any way we can. No one understands a motorcycle accident like someone who actually rides a motorcycle. Put your trust in the attorney who rides.

Always On Your Side

If you are an injured rider and have suffered in a motorcycle collision, contact The Stefanie Drake Burford Law Group today to schedule a free consultation at 844-STEF-LAW. You can also contact us through email.

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