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What Should I Do If I’m In A Car Accident?

First, if you are injured, make sure you seek medical treatment immediately. Obtain the names and addresses of any witnesses to the accident, or have someone else do so for you if you are unable. Make sure the officer records your version of events in their Uniform Traffic Report, even if you must contact the officer after receiving medical care.

After you have received necessary medical treatment, you should contact an attorney experienced in injury law for guidance on what you should do next. If the facts regarding the accident or fault are in dispute, act quickly as accident reconstruction and investigation may be necessary. The longer you wait, the more likely witnesses disappear, as well as physical evidence which may be present at the scene of the accident.

Preserving Your Right To Recover After A Car Wreck

Not only is it important to speak with an attorney regarding your case and legal rights as soon as possible, but it is also recommended that you avoid discussing your accident or injuries with an insurance company. They will often record your conversation and will also request that you give a recorded statement regarding your accident. These recordings may be used against you later and may limit your recovery or prevent recovery altogether.

I’ve Been Injured In A Car Accident; What Compensation Can I Expect To Receive?

Georgia law allows recovery when a driver or passenger – or even a bicycle rider or pedestrian – is injured as a result of another person’s negligent act or omission. You may be compensated, for example, for medical bills, pain and suffering, future treatment needs, lost wages, and property damage, just to name a few. Georgia law still allows for monetary recovery by an injured party, even if they were partially at fault in the accident. The amount of compensation received, however, depends upon how much insurance is available as well as other monetary sources.

An experienced and knowledgeable injury attorney can analyze all available insurance and monetary sources, and should understand the law on how to obtain other sources of compensation and insurance. It is possible under certain circumstances to use the insurance policy of others who had nothing to do with the accident, and stack together multiple policies; an experienced attorney will be able to explain what is available, and maximize your recovery.

The actual value of your case, or how much money you can expect to recover, depends on many factors. For example; the severity and type of injury, past and future lost wages, future medical treatment needs, expected recovery time and level of recovery, and more. An experienced injury attorney will be able to discuss this with you and give an estimate of case value and what to expect.

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