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Understanding the new Hands-Free Law in Georgia

New state laws can arise at any time, and it can be challenging keeping abreast of the applicable laws. One very important statute passed in 2018 in Georgia applies to drivers.

The Hands-Free Law, more formally known as House Bill 673 (HB763), was passed on July 1. The law makes it illegal for Georgia drivers to be physically holding a phone while operating a vehicle, meaning that they cannot be holding the phone in their hands, or supporting it with any part of their bodies.

What are the usual/average percentage fees? How do I know I'm choosing the right lawyer?

We responded to a question on regarding choosing an attorney, and attorney's fees. See our response below. Choosing the right attorney is an important decision. Here is the question, and some tips for choosing the right attorney for your case. We hope anyone looking for representation finds our blog helpful.

I was t-boned by someone who ran a redlight, and I'm injured. How much is my auto accident case worth?

Q: Got T-boned by a guy that ran a red light got a sprained back and totaled truck how much should I ask for in this caseI: The truck I was driving was my mother's I was on her insurance as a driver.

Someone turned left in front of me while I was operating my motorcycle. I'm injured. My license was expired. What does this mean for my accident case?

Q: While driving my motorcycle straight through a green light a driver from oncoming traffic turned left in front of me.: I am in Georgia. While driving my motorcycle straight through a green light a driver from oncoming traffic turned left in front of me and hit him. At impact it threw me off my motorcycle and I hit the ground and so did my bike. The other driver was cited for failure to yield right of way. My drivers license were valid but my motorcycle license were expired. Will this hurt me in any way since they were expired? I'm having trouble with the lady's insurance company now and the lady that hit me is also fighting her ticket and put in a not guilty plea today. She was clearly at fault and I even have video of her admitting fault and that she was not paying attention and didn't see me. My only worry is that she is trying to use the fact that my motorcycle license were expired. Will that effect any(thing)?

Understanding the Georgia Super Speeder Law

Do you have a lead foot? We all speed at one time or another, well most of us anyway. If you were caught speeding, and have been issued a Uniform Traffic Citation in Georgia for speeding, you may qualify to be designated as a "Super Speeder" should you be convicted of the charge. Paying your "ticket," without appearing in front of the Judge, is the same as being convicted. This means extra penalties from the State, on top of the fines and fees you pay in the Court in which you were charged with speeding. As a part-time Municipal Court prosecutor, I prosecute speeding tickets which result in a "Super Speeder" designation. Here is what you need to know, if you think you have been charged with being a "Super Speeder."

I've been injured in an accident that wasn't my fault. How much is my case worth?

Georgia law allows recovery when a driver or passenger, or even a bicycle rider, pedestrian, boater, or other third party, is injured as a result of another person's negligent act or omission. You may be compensated, for example, for medical bills and expenses, pain and suffering, future treatment needs, lost wages, and property damage, just to name a few.

Motor Vehicle Fatalities On The Rise Due To Distracted Drivers

In Georgia, traffic fatalities are on the rise since the beginning of 2015, and we could see the first increase in nine years. Many of these fatalities are the result of distracted driving. DriveAlert ArriveAlive asks motorists to buckle up, stay off the phone/no texting, and drive alert. Visit #ArriveAliveGA.

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