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Dog bites can impact several people

Georgia law requires dog owners to maintain control of their animals and ensure that no one is bitten, When there is a biting incident with a dog, those who own them can be faced with a lawsuit. Since these injuries can range from minor to fatal, it is imperative that those who have been bitten understand their rights and contact a law firm experienced in cases related to dog bites.

A pack of dogs attacked five people, causing injuries. According to the investigation, seven dogs escaped the home they lived in and began their attack on a neighbor. As law enforcement investigated the first incident, they found that four others were also attacked. Two people required hospitalization and three others were treated.

Motorcycle accidents can lead to passenger injuries and death

Throughout Georgia, motorcycles are a common sight. Motorcycles and cars must share the road and keep a close watch on each other to avoid accidents. While most drivers do what they can to maintain safety, some accidents are unavoidable. This is true even for experienced riders. Since motor vehicles might turn into a rider's path, fail to yield or simply not pay attention, there can be accidents. When an accident leads to injuries or fatalities, calling for legal advice is a key aspect to a lawsuit.

An accident between a Jeep and a motorcycle led to the passenger on the bike suffering fatal injuries. The investigation states that the Jeep, driven by a 17-year-old, made a left turn and collided with the motorcycle. The female passenger on the motorcycle was killed. Her husband was operating the bike and was said to be in stable condition at the hospital. The teen driving the Jeep was not hurt.

Understanding negligence and motorcycle accident liability

As a motorcyclist, you will know about the inherent risks that come with riding a motorcycle. In the event of a collision, motorcyclists have very little protection in comparison to drivers of vehicles. This is why motorcyclists are more susceptible to serious injuries.

If you were involved in a collision as a motorcyclist, it is possible to be accused of causing the accident even if you suffered more injuries than the other party. Establishing fault in any collision can be a complex process, and this is why it is important to vigorously defend yourself from allegations of fault. You will be better equipped to do this by understanding how negligence affects motorcycle accident liability in Georgia.

After truck accidents, it is important to contact an attorney

Large trucks are a part of life in Marietta and throughout Georgia. Because these vehicles cart items and equipment from one place to another, they are a vital part of a healthy economy and provide jobs. In short, they will always be necessary. That, however, does not diminish the danger they present to passenger vehicles when they share the road. A crash between a truck and a smaller vehicle will inevitably result in severe injuries or fatalities. For those who have been impacted by truck accidents, having legal assistance is imperative.

Truckers are just like any other driver, in that they can make mistakes, be reckless, behave negligently, drive while distracted, drive drowsy, and drive under the influence. The difference is that their vehicles are larger and travel great distances at significant speeds. If the people in the smaller vehicle have a collision with a truck, the injuries they suffer can result in a long hospital stay with extensive medical procedures and the costs that go along with them. This is not the only way it can harm a person.

Roadside workers frequent victims of accidents

When there is road work in Georgia, workers are often in danger from drivers who do not adhere to the warnings to slow down. When there is an accident, these workers are vulnerable to serious injuries and fatalities. In some instances, the driver will compound the situation by fleeing the scene. When people have been hurt or families lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident, a legal filing is often the only viable strategy to recover sufficient compensation for all they have lost.

A 40-year-old roadside worker died when a vehicle did not slow down. The vehicle ignored the signals to shift into a different lane. When the worker realized that the vehicle was going to hit the trailer he was on, he jumped off. The driver then tried to pass the trailer and hit the worker. The driver did not stop after the accident; however, witnesses pursued him and informed deputies as to his identity. The driver was arrested on multiple charges. The investigation is continuing.

Road aggression a major cause of Georgia motor vehicle accidents

For Georgia drivers, the common risks on the road tend to be inattentive drivers, drivers under the influence of alcohol, and drowsy drivers. Aggressive driving is also dangerous, but it does not get the same amount of attention as other issues. However, as a new study shows, aggression is a big problem that impacts the safety of people and can cause injuries and death. In the study from GasBuddy, it was shown that Atlanta falls into the top five cities with the highest number of aggressive drivers.

In Atlanta, drivers were found to be more aggressive than the average driver in the nation by more than 20 percent. There is an aggressive act on the road about every eight minutes, with average speeds of 44 mph. Aggressive drivers tend to drive fast, accelerate rapidly, and hit the brake frequently.

Two pedestrians hit in accident

In Marietta and across Georgia, drivers are expected to be vigilant when behind the wheel. That means keeping both hands on the steering wheel, watching the road, avoiding distractions, driving sober, along with other requirements to maintain safety. Unfortunately, many drivers do not adhere to these requirements and accidents happen. If the accident involves a pedestrian, it can cause serious injuries or death. Even if the victims are lucky enough to survive, it is important to think about the future and consider a legal filing to be compensated.

Two teens were hospitalized after they were hit by a car near a local high school. A car driven by a 73-year-old woman hit the teens as they crossed the street in the crosswalk. The teens were taken to the hospital. Their injuries are described as serious, but doctors are confident they will make a full recovery. The case is under investigation.

Your rights as an injured pedestrian

If you have been hit by a car as a pedestrian, it is likely that you suffered significant injuries as a result. In addition to the pain that you are suffering, you may be feeling anger toward the driver who hit you. In their carelessness, they have greatly impacted your life, and you, reasonably, may want to hold them responsible.

It is important that you understand the way that the law works in regard to accidents involving cars and pedestrians so that you can maximize the compensation that you are able to attain. In order to be successful in making a personal injury claim, you should be able to show how the driver's negligence or recklessness led to your physical injury and suffering in the aftermath.

Georgia near top of most fatal pedestrian-motor vehicle accidents

When pedestrians take to the streets in Georgia, there is always the chance that they will be in pedestrian-motor vehicle accidents. These crashes can have deadly consequences as pedestrians are lacking in protection and will often suffer fatal injuries. Research is important to try and reduce the number of pedestrian accidents that happen.

One new study shows not only that pedestrian fatalities are on the rise and have reached their highest levels since 1990, but particularly Georgia is near the top of the list for least safe states for pedestrians. People who have been hurt or lost a loved one in these accidents should pay attention to the numbers as they can be important when considering a lawsuit to secure compensation.

Number of motor vehicle accidents stays above 40,000

The roads in Georgia and across the nation are always dangerous for drivers. Determining just how dangerous is the foundation for research and studies. These can be important not just to avoid accidents, but to understand why they occurred. A recent study from the National Security Council indicates that the total of fatal crashes in the U.S. has remained stagnant at more than 40,000 for the third year in a row.

In 2018, there was a worrisome number of deaths on U.S. roadways. While there was a one percent decrease in fatalities for 2018, the numbers are still an increase of around 14 percent from four years earlier. The research also says that the reduction in accidents can be attributed to technological improvements like systems that warn of a pending collision and emergency braking systems. Unfortunately, these advances are not yet widespread.

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