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April 2019 Archives

Local stretch of interstate prone to motor vehicle accidents

While car accidents can happen anywhere in Marietta and throughout Georgia, there are certain areas where, statistically, there is a greater chance of being involved in one. For people who have been in a crash in one of these areas, the same factors apply regarding what they need to do after the crash. Injuries, medical costs, lost income and fatalities can have a dramatic impact on many lives. A legal filing is one of the main strategies to recover compensation.

Dog bites can impact several people

Georgia law requires dog owners to maintain control of their animals and ensure that no one is bitten, When there is a biting incident with a dog, those who own them can be faced with a lawsuit. Since these injuries can range from minor to fatal, it is imperative that those who have been bitten understand their rights and contact a law firm experienced in cases related to dog bites.

Motorcycle accidents can lead to passenger injuries and death

Throughout Georgia, motorcycles are a common sight. Motorcycles and cars must share the road and keep a close watch on each other to avoid accidents. While most drivers do what they can to maintain safety, some accidents are unavoidable. This is true even for experienced riders. Since motor vehicles might turn into a rider's path, fail to yield or simply not pay attention, there can be accidents. When an accident leads to injuries or fatalities, calling for legal advice is a key aspect to a lawsuit.

After truck accidents, it is important to contact an attorney

Large trucks are a part of life in Marietta and throughout Georgia. Because these vehicles cart items and equipment from one place to another, they are a vital part of a healthy economy and provide jobs. In short, they will always be necessary. That, however, does not diminish the danger they present to passenger vehicles when they share the road. A crash between a truck and a smaller vehicle will inevitably result in severe injuries or fatalities. For those who have been impacted by truck accidents, having legal assistance is imperative.

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