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If someone is in an accident involving a tractor-trailer or large commercial truck, the resulting injuries are often severe, or even catastrophic. The injuries of a large trucking accident, like an automobile accident or motorcycle accident, may also result in the death of the accident victim. The death of a loved one because of this or any type of accident leaves the victim’s loved ones to deal with a tragedy that should have never occurred. We are sympathetic to this and to any situation involving an injured victim. We can help you and your family pick up the pieces and move forward.

The Uniqueness Of A Trucking Injury Case And Evidence

Large trucks and trucks operated by commercial trucking companies will generally have a policy of liability insurance just as any driver should; however, there are important differences with the policies, as well as the issues involved in successfully pursuing a case against a trucking company.

Trucking cases are unique and can often be quite complicated, which is one of the many reasons it is important to seek a large truck accident attorney who has experience in these types of cases. Stefanie Drake Burford has been representing victims of trucking accidents for more than 20 years and has the experience and knowledge to make sure you are successful and your recovery potential is maximized.

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