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After truck accidents, it is important to contact an attorney

by | Apr 4, 2019 | truck accidents

Large trucks are a part of life in Marietta and throughout Georgia. Because these vehicles cart items and equipment from one place to another, they are a vital part of a healthy economy and provide jobs. In short, they will always be necessary. That, however, does not diminish the danger they present to passenger vehicles when they share the road. A crash between a truck and a smaller vehicle will inevitably result in severe injuries or fatalities. For those who have been impacted by truck accidents, having legal assistance is imperative.

Truckers are just like any other driver, in that they can make mistakes, be reckless, behave negligently, drive while distracted, drive drowsy, and drive under the influence. The difference is that their vehicles are larger and travel great distances at significant speeds. If the people in the smaller vehicle have a collision with a truck, the injuries they suffer can result in a long hospital stay with extensive medical procedures and the costs that go along with them. This is not the only way it can harm a person.

Not only will there be a radically changed physical life, but the person might not be able to work as they did before. Their contribution to a family can be damaged if not ended completely. And, the family might be required to care for a person who has major health needs. Paying for these concerns can be exorbitant. This is when it is important to consider a legal filing. Insurance companies will try to make an offer to preclude a legal filing, but the offer is rarely sufficient to pay for all the person’s needs and expenses.

A key to a legal filing after truck accidents is to have a full and comprehensive investigation. Determining how and why the accident happened is critical to a case. A law firm that understands truck accidents should be contacted for advice and assistance immediately to discuss the possibility of a lawsuit.