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Road workers vulnerable to injuries in motor vehicle accidents

To maintain and build roads in Georgia, roadside construction crews will naturally be at risk. With the number of vehicles that are passing them, not all will be cautious and drive slowly. Some will ignore the road signs that workers are nearby and forget that it is important to be vigilant. When there is an accident between a vehicle and a road worker, there is a significant chance that the worker will be injured. Often, there can be a fatality. For those who were hurt or lost a loved one in these types of motor vehicle accidents, legal advice is critical to take the necessary steps for file a lawsuit.

Fatal truck accidents can lead to reckless driver charges

Semi-trucks from across the U.S. will travel to and through Georgia. With these vehicles, there is an inherent danger that cannot be ignored. For people in smaller vehicles who are involved in truck accidents, there can be serious injuries and fatalities. Often, these accidents are due to unfortunate circumstances that were out of a driver's control. An example is the weather. In other truck accidents, however, the crash came about because of driver behavior and this is especially egregious. After a crash in which there were injuries and fatalities, there can be an arrest. The family left behind after such an accident should know they have the right to pursue compensation in a lawsuit.

Parents' distracted behavior can cause motor vehicle accidents

Parents in Georgia and across the nation are expected to be role models for their children in myriad ways. This includes driving behaviors. While parents will tell their children not to text and drive, the parents' behavior frequently says otherwise. This information stems from a survey about the problem of distracted driving. People who are injured or lose a loved one in motor vehicle accidents should be cognizant of this as it can be beneficial when pursuing compensation in a lawsuit.

Study: Simultaneous distractions can spark truck accidents

It is known that distracted driving is a dangerous behavior for anyone on the road. It is even more risky when there are semi-truck drivers who are distracted. Since there are so many trucks that go through, to and from Georgia, this is an important consideration for those who are sharing the road with these large vehicles. A distracted trucker could be using a cellphone, eating, changing the radio and doing many other activities. With the number of ways in which a driver can be distracted, it is not uncommon for there to be more than a single distraction for truckers. A new study by Lytx shows just how common and worrisome that is.

Motorcycle accidents continue to happen with alarming regularity

It might seem as if there are a significant number of stories about motorcycle accidents in Marietta and the surrounding areas in Georgia. That is no coincidence. There has been a spate of these crashes in recent months and people are being seriously injured and losing their lives because of it. Understanding why this seems to be the case is the responsibility of legislators and law enforcement. For those who are injured in a motorcycle crash, the cause is secondary to getting proper care and returning to full health. With the costs associated with such a crash, it is also wise to think about having legal advice to pursue compensation in a lawsuit.

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