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Fatal truck accidents can lead to reckless driver charges

by | May 23, 2019 | truck accidents

Semi-trucks from across the U.S. will travel to and through Georgia. With these vehicles, there is an inherent danger that cannot be ignored. For people in smaller vehicles who are involved in truck accidents, there can be serious injuries and fatalities. Often, these accidents are due to unfortunate circumstances that were out of a driver’s control. An example is the weather. In other truck accidents, however, the crash came about because of driver behavior and this is especially egregious. After a crash in which there were injuries and fatalities, there can be an arrest. The family left behind after such an accident should know they have the right to pursue compensation in a lawsuit.

A trucker from Ohio was arrested after he rear-ended a pickup truck leading to four people dying. The trucker, 39, hit the pickup and the impact sent it into another truck in front of it. It caught fire and four people died. The pickup had pine straw in its cab. The victims were three men and a woman. They were 42, 31, 26 and 20. The accident happened shortly after noon. The semi was carting potatoes and the investigation indicates that the driver never seemed to reduce his speed before the collision. The driver is charged with second-degree vehicular homicide and for driving at excessive speed for the conditions. The investigation is continuing.

A truck accident is especially dangerous because of the size and speed of these large vehicles. Truckers frequently operate under the assumption that because they spend so much time on the road, they can take greater risks than other drivers. This can cause a crash. One of the worst calls a family can get is to be informed that their loved ones died in a truck accident. Unfortunately, this is happening more and more with the rise of truckers who are seeking to get their loads to the destination while avoiding the restrictions limiting the amount of time they can spend on the road. People who are facing the aftermath of a truck accident should understand that they have the right to compensation.

This case serves as a prime example of the dangers trucks pose to people sharing the road with them. As the case moves forward, it is wise for the family of the people who died to think about the future and call a law firm that has helped many people secure compensation after truck accidents to determine the next step.