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Dog bites can impact several people

by | Apr 18, 2019 | premises liability: dog bite injuries

Georgia law requires dog owners to maintain control of their animals and ensure that no one is bitten, When there is a biting incident with a dog, those who own them can be faced with a lawsuit. Since these injuries can range from minor to fatal, it is imperative that those who have been bitten understand their rights and contact a law firm experienced in cases related to dog bites.

A pack of dogs attacked five people, causing injuries. According to the investigation, seven dogs escaped the home they lived in and began their attack on a neighbor. As law enforcement investigated the first incident, they found that four others were also attacked. Two people required hospitalization and three others were treated.

One woman who was attacked is 82-years-old. Her son said she was bitten multiple times and had cuts on her head. She was said to be in stable condition at the hospital. The son said there have been past incidents with the people who own the dogs.

While dogs are often described as man’s best friend, that does not necessarily mean they are all safe and can be trusted not to attack. This is especially true if there is a pack, if they are untrained or abused, and if the owners allow them to run free. People can be attacked out of nowhere and suffer significant injuries from dog bites.

Dog bites can affect people of all ages, but children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to long-term damage from dog bites. Since there can be medical expenses, lost income and even fatalities from dog bites, it is important to consult with a legal professional. A law firm that understands premises liability: dog bite injuries should be called as soon as possible.