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3 common reasons that motorcycle crashes occur

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | motor vehicle accidents

To lawfully ride motorcycles in Georgia, you need a special license. Motorcycle enthusiasts have special training so that they can control their two-wheeled vehicles safely on public roads. Despite the extra rules to help promote public safety, motorcycle collisions are still relatively common.

They can occur at any time in Georgia, as many riders are on the roads all year when the weather permits. As with other motor vehicle collisions, motorcycle crashes occur for a broad range of different reasons. However, there are certain causes more frequently reported that those on motorcycles need to know if they want to reduce their risk of a crash.

  1. Alcohol or drug impairment

One of the main ways that those operating motorcycles contribute to their own crash risk is through the consumption of drugs or alcohol before going for a ride. Those under the influence could make minor mistakes with their balance on a motorcycle that could have catastrophic consequences.

Chemically impaired drivers in four-wheeled vehicles are also more likely to make a mistake that might cause a crash involving a motorcycle.

  1. Excess speed

People often ride motorcycles because they enjoy the thrill of the wind on their faces and the feel of speed. It is a much more visceral experience to travel at high speeds on a motorcycle when compared with a four-wheeled vehicle.

Of course, the risk is much higher as well. Those speeding on motorcycles can lose control of their vehicles, and those speeding in larger vehicles could easily cause crashes that affect motorcyclists.

  1. Distraction and inattention

While motorcyclists recognize that they take their lives in their hands every time they go for a ride, other people in traffic often ignore the safety risks inherent in driving. Distraction at the wheel is a common reason for those in four-wheeled vehicles to cause motorcycle collisions.

They may also experience inattentional blindness, which means they fail to notice a motorcycle because they didn’t actively look for it when maneuvering through traffic.

Those who understand the leading causes of motorcycle collisions can adjust their own behaviors to reduce their chance of getting seriously hurt in a wreck. Educating yourself about motorcycle collisions and how to protect yourself from one can take some of the risk out of two-wheeled transportation.