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Someone turned left in front of me while I was operating my motorcycle. I’m injured. My license was expired. What does this mean for my accident case?

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Firm News

Q: While driving my motorcycle straight through a green light a driver from oncoming traffic turned left in front of me.: I am in Georgia. While driving my motorcycle straight through a green light a driver from oncoming traffic turned left in front of me and hit him. At impact it threw me off my motorcycle and I hit the ground and so did my bike. The other driver was cited for failure to yield right of way. My drivers license were valid but my motorcycle license were expired. Will this hurt me in any way since they were expired? I’m having trouble with the lady’s insurance company now and the lady that hit me is also fighting her ticket and put in a not guilty plea today. She was clearly at fault and I even have video of her admitting fault and that she was not paying attention and didn’t see me. My only worry is that she is trying to use the fact that my motorcycle license were expired. Will that effect any(thing)?

A: Stefanie’s answer: Based on the facts indicated, the fact that your mc license was expired should have no bearing on your settlement or case. It sounds as though the other driver was clearly at fault. Do keep in mind that the insurance company would love to avoid paying you, so make sure you obtain the services of an experienced motorcycle injury attorney to ensure that your rights are protected. In addition, don’t panic regarding the traffic citation or initial plea of the at fault driver. People in their situation will often plead not guilty at arraignment, but end up changing their plea at a later time or be found guilty by a Judge. Either way, that is a criminal charge, and while it has some impact on your civil case, the outcome of that case does not make or break your injury case. Hope that helps, and good luck!