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How can I be a good bike passenger?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2020 | motorcycle accidents

The only thing more exhilarating than experiencing Georgia’s beautiful roadways on two wheels is doing so with another. However, motorcycle safety does not start and end with the motorcycle operator. The passenger also needs to understand that riding on the back of a bike is far different than riding in a car.

Just like it takes a certain amount of skill to operate a motorcycle, there’s also skill involved in being a passenger. According to Bike Bandit, the first thing to ensure as a passenger is that you have your own set of safety gear.

What do I need to wear as a motorcycle passenger? 

While it is common to see a motorcycle operator wearing full leathers with the passenger wearing nothing but flip flops and jean shorts, this is not responsible. Essentially, a good passenger should be wearing the exact same kit as the rider. At minimum, a passenger should be wearing a DOT-approved helmet, long jeans and closed-toed shoes.

If you are only riding occasionally, it is possible to borrow this gear from other bikers. However, if you are planning to become a permanent addition to the motorcycle, it is important to have a well-fitting set of your own.

What are some passenger riding tips? 

Make sure to keep your feet on the foot pegs at all times, even when the bike stops. You should also take care to keep your weight centered on the bike, and not lean too much into the turns. You may want to keep your arms wrapped around the driver, but make sure you do not do it too tightly: you want your motorcycle operator to have full control of the bike.