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After motor vehicle accidents, a lawsuit can recover compensation

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents happen without warning in Georgia and can have a negative impact on many lives. These crashes can cause injuries and fatalities with exorbitant financial, personal and emotional costs. Whether the accident happened because of a drunk driver, a distracted driver, a person who was driving recklessly or negligently, a common denominator is the long-term aftereffects that can harm the victim in myriad ways. Often, the only way to secure sufficient compensation for all that was lost is through a legal filing.

When there is an auto accident, people can suffer from broken bones, head injuries, back injuries, cuts and more. For some, the injuries are not immediately obvious and they function under the impression that they emerged from the accident unscathed. It is only later that they feel as if they are not functioning normally, experience symptoms that could be mistakenly viewed as innocuous and soon discover that they suffered from injuries in the accident. Getting medical care after an accident is imperative even if the person does not think they have been severely hurt. When there are clear injuries, having medical care is a must.

Another important factor in a crash is having an accident report. Law enforcement must be called to the scene to detail what happened. This can be critical after a crash, as people who were at fault will often change their story after some time has passed and they realize that a legal filing is possible. There are many issues that come to the forefront after a motor vehicle collision. Included are medical costs from treatment, the loss of income from not being able to work, and the pain and suffering that a person experiences. All can be factors in accruing compensation.

Whether the person involved in the accident needed to be hospitalized or not, it is crucial to contact a law firm that has experience in motor vehicle accidents to gather evidence and take the necessary steps to file a claim. Speaking to the insurance company and considering a settlement offer is a mistake, as their main goal is to keep costs as low as possible. Recovering compensation for injuries and other losses requires legal help. It is vital to contact a firm that has helped many people after motor vehicle accidents.