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Crash injures two, shows danger of motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

Despite law enforcement and legislators taking steps to improve the safety of motorists by addressing distracted driving and constantly seeking to catch drivers under the influence and dangerous drivers, motor vehicle accidents are a fact of life in Georgia. These crashes can cause severe injury and death, changing lives in myriad ways. While many accidents are unavoidable, it is important to know what steps must be taken to recover compensation for financial and personal problems that result from them. A law firm that has helped many Georgia residents with lawsuits can be consulted with for assistance in a legal filing.

A three-vehicle accident injured two people recently. The accident happened in the afternoon when a transit bus at a bus stop stood in front of a vehicle being driven by a 61-year-old woman. During this time, an 18-year-old driving another vehicle made a sudden move left and hit the first vehicle. The second vehicle subsequently ran into the opposite lanes and had a head-on collision with yet another automobile, being driven by a 19-year-old. Then it ran onto the sidewalk went down a hill and ended up in a parking lot. The driver of the first vehicle was uninjured. The other two people had serious injuries and were hospitalized. Law enforcement is investigating.

Auto accidents can happen at any time and they will happen without warning. People can simply be going about their business and obeying all the traffic laws when they will suddenly be injured and even lose their lives in a collision. Even those who do not initially believe they were injured could have lingering pain or simply not feel as they normally do and later discover they were hurt in the crash with it taking time to manifest. Whether there was an immediate hospitalization or not, it is imperative to think about the potential consequences with medical costs, lost time at work, a radically changed lifestyle and more. Legal help might be the main strategy to be sufficiently compensated.

Two people suffered injuries in motor vehicle accidents with one having been hit head-on. In incidents such as this, everyone involved should consider their rights and available legal advice. Having a legal advocate assess the case from the perspective of the victim is helpful for a legal filing.