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Study of motor vehicle accidents shows distraction demographics

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

Distracted driving has been a major issue in Georgia and law enforcement and legislators have taken significant steps to reduce its frequency in the hopes that the roads will be safer. While these strategies are beneficial, it is also useful to keep track of research into the problematic phenomenon of distracted driving. Since so many motor vehicle accidents happen due to a distracted driver, this is a key factor after a crash and when seeking compensation in a legal filing. A new study indicates that preconceived notions about distracted driving might be inaccurate.

According to Liberty Mutual, Baby Boomers are as prone to distracted driving as the most commonly blamed culprits – Millennials. An expert in driving safety who consults with the insurer stated that Baby Boomers should strive to set a better example for younger drivers. The survey indicates that Millennials were the demographic that was most willing to confess to using their device when behind the wheel. 86% admitted to it. Generation X was second at 72%. However, 49% of Baby Boomers stated they drove while they were distracted.

The survey also showed that when a phone is ringing or a notification coming through when the Baby Boomer is driving, he or she is unlikely to ask passengers to check the phone. They came in at 14% for doing so. 26% of Millennials said they would do that. People are so plugged in today that any notification creates the temptation to check the phone. This is true despite the public being inundated with information as to how dangerous it can be. Removing one’s eyes from the road for 1.6 seconds can spark motor vehicle accidents. The insurer suggests that drivers put the phone on “do not disturb” when they drive or to put it completely out of arm’s reach. Since distracted driving kills so many people – in 2017, there were 3,166 fatalities – this is an ongoing problem without a clear solution.

While there have always been risks when driving, distracted driving has risen to or near the top of the potential hazards. With auto crashes, people can suffer serious injuries that require hospitalization and extended treatment. They will inevitably miss time at work and have trouble returning to normalcy. A legal filing is frequently required to recover compensation for all that was lost. A law firm that understands motor vehicle accidents could be called for help with a legal filing.