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Citations and reduced motor vehicle accidents stem from new law

by | Jan 4, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

Every day Georgia drivers can look to their left and right and see someone who is peering downward, clearly staring at a smartphone or other device. Regardless of whether they are sending a text, surfing the web, using social media or engaging in other activities, it is undoubtedly dangerous to themselves and others. In the middle of 2018, the state took steps to reduce the number of drivers who were using their devices behind the wheel by implementing a new law that drivers must be hands-free when using a device behind the wheel.

With six months having passed from the law going into effect, the results are starting to be known. Statistically, more than 8,000 citations were given to drivers who failed to comply with the law. That is since July. A statement from the Governor’s Office for Highway Safety indicates that there have been fewer deaths on the road and it is believed to be, in part, due to this new law and the amount of attention officers are paying to drivers who might violate it. The number of citations – 8,306 to be exact – is not directly known to be a proximate factor in the increased safety, but that is the implication.

Since so many drivers choose to try and multi-task and use their devices behind the wheel, any attempt to stop them from doing so by issuing penalties can prevent some from partaking in this dangerous activity. Although it will take years to truly grasp the effectiveness of the new law and whether drivers who are hands-free are safer, positive signs are always good when it comes to motor vehicle accidents. Still, drivers are prone to pushing the limits and will unavoidably be unable to resist the temptation of just checking that one thing. This can cause a crash.

The aftermath of any accident can be terrible with injuries and fatalities. People find themselves with medical expenses and lost wages. Families could suffer the loss of a loved one just because another driver determined that it was more important to check a device than to pay strict attention to the road. Regardless of whether it was a distracted driving accident or an accident for another reason, those who were impacted should remember their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing. Evidence is critical to a successful case and if it is found that a driver was distracted, it could make all the difference. Having help from a law firm that specializes in motor vehicle accidents can investigate the case and take the necessary steps to file a claim.