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Two pedestrians hit in accident

by | Mar 14, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

In Marietta and across Georgia, drivers are expected to be vigilant when behind the wheel. That means keeping both hands on the steering wheel, watching the road, avoiding distractions, driving sober, along with other requirements to maintain safety. Unfortunately, many drivers do not adhere to these requirements and accidents happen. If the accident involves a pedestrian, it can cause serious injuries or death. Even if the victims are lucky enough to survive, it is important to think about the future and consider a legal filing to be compensated.

Two teens were hospitalized after they were hit by a car near a local high school. A car driven by a 73-year-old woman hit the teens as they crossed the street in the crosswalk. The teens were taken to the hospital. Their injuries are described as serious, but doctors are confident they will make a full recovery. The case is under investigation.

Pedestrians are inherently vulnerable to injuries and death after being hit by a car. Injuries can range from brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, broken bones and worse, which can hinder a person for the rest of their life and make it necessary for family members to provide care. With health care costs, surgical procedures, and time away from work, the accident can be life-changing. The investigation is key to determine how and why the accident happened, and a legal filing is necessary to recover adequate compensation.

With any injury, the long-term damage cannot be known in the immediate aftermath. It is imperative for victims to call a law firm to discuss what steps to take to be compensated after motor vehicle accidents.