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Emergency vehicle truck accidents can cause serious injury

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | truck accidents

Drivers in Marietta and across Georgia should be cognizant of when emergency vehicles are heading their way. With the sirens likely blaring, it should be difficult not to hear them coming. It is a driver’s responsibility to move aside and give emergency vehicles like fire trucks, law enforcement cruisers and ambulances sufficient room. Still, these vehicles can be dangerous as they are often speeding and the driver might not be as skilled as necessary to be safe. They will run red lights, go through stop signs and commit other acts that are illegal for regular workaday people. This can cause danger. For people who have been hurt in truck accidents with an emergency vehicle, it is possible to file a lawsuit to be compensated.

A crash between a fire truck and a pickup truck led to several injuries and allegations that the driver of the fire truck was behaving recklessly. The fire truck was heading to the scene of an auto accident. As it headed toward the intersection, its sirens were activated. A gray Ford F-250 was hit by the fire truck. The pickup subsequently overturned. Two people who were in the pickup suffered injuries and hospitalized. The driver of the fire truck is accused of not using appropriate caution when there was a red light at the intersection. The investigation is continuing.

Even though first responders are supposed to be trained to operate their vehicles safely while getting to the scene as quickly as possible, it does not necessarily mean they will drive safely and avoid accidents. This is especially dangerous with fire trucks as they are so large and can cause serious injuries and death. As with any large truck, people who are in an accident can have catastrophic injuries, need long-term medical care, lose wages and have other problems. A legal filing might be needed to recover compensation for everything that was lost personally and financially.

After a truck accident, it is wise to have legal advice on how to proceed. Because trucks are so big, travel at great speeds and can cause injuries and death, knowing what steps to take to be compensated is a must. This is even true when the accident involves an emergency vehicle. Calling a law firm that has investigated and sought compensation for many truck accidents is the first step toward a successful case.