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3 ways to be more visible on your motorcycle and still look cool

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | motorcycle accidents

Sometimes when riding your motorcycle, it can feel like you are wearing a magic cloak that renders you invisible to drivers.

It is not your imagination. Drivers who collide with motorcyclists often say they did not see them. If you increase your visibility, it is harder for someone to say they did not see you.

There are ways to be more visible on a motorcycle without looking like a traffic cone

There is plenty of brightly colored clothing available for motorcyclists. Yet, you may not want to wear luminous colors. You may not feel you should have to either. Here are three simple alternatives that will increase your safety without destroying your style:

  • Keep out of blind spots: The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the blind spots. Truck blind spots can extend across a whole lane. Learn them and avoid them.
  • Use daytime lights: Your motorcycle comes with two great tools to aid your visibility. You have a light at the front and another at the rear. Turning your lights on at all times makes it much harder for others to miss you. That is why some countries make daytime lights mandatory.
  • Wear a brightly colored helmet: Your head is the highest part of your body. A splash of color will help you stand out above the sea of cars when the rest of your body is hidden. As soon as you get off your bike, you can remove your helmet, so you can still look good when hanging out.

Being knocked off your motorcycle by a motorist could lead to severe injury, pain, suffering and a lot of inconveniences. You may help your compensation claim if you can demonstrate that you took steps to make yourself more visible.